The Hotel Collection has been studied for the International market and is destined to those particular hotels and restaurants who wish to give to their guests a charming hospitality made of style, elegance and quality.
Natural fibres of cotton or linen, silky sateen cotton, Jacquard weaving, embroideries.
The taste and the refinement of a “Made in Italy” linen collection.
A wide range of colours, fabrics and sizes can be coordinated to set up your tables, to dress your bed or bath rooms.
High quality products where Jacquard patterns and precious waves are combined in a harmony of unique style and elegance.
All products are tested for industrial washing to grant and excellent long-life performance.
Precious hemming, care of details, embroideries to personalize your linen.
Tessitura PErego is always convinced that Hospitality is a value and guests' ultimate comfort is a duty.

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